Monroe Academy

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Founded in 1969, Monroe Academy is a private day school with more than 500 students enrolled in K3 through 12th grade.
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Monroe Academy Mission Statement

Monroe Academy is committed to excellence in education in a Christian environment for students of average or above average intelligence and/or abilities.  Through a variety of learning activities and experiences, we actively support each student in the quest of fulfilling his/her full potential and individual growth.  The Monroe Academy family seeks to instill in each student a sense of responsibility, integrity, respect of self and others, service to school, community, nation, and high moral standards.  Through this preparation and education of the whole student, every person can be unique and changing society. 

Points of Volunteer Pride:

* Students are allowed to begin each day with prayer and devotion.

* Uniforms are not required, as students follow dress code guidelines.

* High school students score above the state average on all parts and the

   composite score of the ACT.

* Students in grades 2, 4, 6, and 8 score above the national average on the SAT.

* In an average year, 95% of our graduates got to college and 75% receive college


* Our graduation rate over the past ten years is 100%.

* 6th grade students participate in the President's Educational Awards Program.

* Students in grades 5 and 7 are eligible for the DUKE TIP Program.